MR2 catching up: radio and speakers

By: Marijn Rongen
August 9th, 2014

Earlier posted on Tumblr on september 27 2013: This week I replaced the old cassette-player the PO put in. I still had this Sony unit which I used in my Celica a few years back. With a little help I replaced the ghetto wiring the PO left me.

New-ish radio

Testing the radio quickly made clear the speakers produced a flat range of sound. They also didn’t handle the few extra watts gracefully so they needed replacing. I chose 3-way 10cm / 4” Pioneer speakers to get the best range of sound while only using the 2 stock speaker locations of the Mk1a MR2. The new units are rated up to 200W, more than enough considering the output of the radio.

Old speakerNew speakerSpeaker cover / grill

Replacing the speakers was easy, to get the covers out of the dashboard you use a small flat screwdriver under the edge and pop them out. They are held in place by 2 tabs. The rest was a matter of unscrewing, disconnecting the old, connecting the new and screwing in the new units in place.

The sound is much better now, the range is surprisingly nice. There isn’t a lot of bass, you would need a subwoofer for that if you are into such musical mangling.