Moving on, sizing down. From Celica to Aygo

By: Marijn Rongen
November 15th, 2010

About 4 years ago I set out to find a compact car. About 3 weeks ago I finally took delivery of it…

The last 4 years I have been driving a Toyota Celica which you can read about right here on my blog. The car search 4 years ago was a matter of need and the focus was on compact cars, Honda Civic hatchbacks to be exact. The budget was tight, the Civics beaten up and the Celica I encountered by chance was stretching the budget, but I could not let it pass.

Since then I have driven the Celica with great pleasure and I made quite a hobby out of it. Lately I found myself driving less and less for the sake of just driving and spending more money on keeping the car running than on the hobby. The trips to the gasstation weren’t cheap either although the fuel economy was not bad for a sporty car. All this and a bit more got me thinking about how a smaller car would be more appropriate for me in terms of practicality.

The new car should obviously be compact, one of the drawbacks of the Celica was its size in respect to turning and parking. It must be able to carry the odd load, passengers are a rare occurrence so having to fold the backseats down is no objection here. Having few passengers also means I only need a 3-door car.

Budget was not a real issue this time. A plus in the Netherlands at the moment are the reduced taxes on purchasing and owning an eco-friendly car. So an eco-friendly car is relatively cheap to buy and keep and you spend less time at the pump. Double win. Actually triple win, as it also benefits the environment and I tend to care about that as well.

The choice for Toyota was obvious and previous experience with the Toyota Aygo was the final push. With my options weighed, choices made and numbers crunched I went to the dealer to see what they could do for me. After negotiations with an understanding salesperson I had my target price on paper. Leaving myself some time to think it over, I returned the next week to place my order for a brand new Toyota Aygo Aspiration Red. This version has a special red paint, nice wheels and more luxury like airconditioning amongst other things. Going from a sporty to a more practical car I allowed myself to have a bit of extra luxury ;-).

I don’t know why, but I had been putting writing this post off for a while. Now I have had the new car for a few weeks I can honestly say I haven’t felt a minute of regret. I know I have made the right choice, at the right time.