H0 Märklin Motorpost

By: Marijn Rongen
June 13th, 2010

Märklin Motorpost

Introducing the NS Motorpost by Märklin. This is the first Dutch loc I got. It’s real world counterpart was run by the NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) as a mail distribution train in service of PTT Post. The series was called Plan mP.

Märklin Motorpost

Side view of the Motorpost. It is quite lengthy.

Märklin Motorpost (profile)

Profile view. Heaps of details on the bogies.

Märklin Motorpost side detail

Side detail of the Motorpost. Excellent detail on the doorhandles and windows.

Märklin Motorpost (profile)

Side detail with the pantograph folded. The Motorpost can be powered through the pantographs if you have catenary wires.

Märklin Motorpost roof detail

Roof detail. De middle of the roof comes off to expose the switch controlling if it gets power from the 3rd rail or through the pantographs.

Märklin Motorpost front sign

Head-on view of the Motorpost, front sign illuminated.

Märklin Motorpost rear sign

Head-on view of the Motorpost, rear sign illuminated.

The Motorposts are not in service anymore, a few have been converted into testing and measuring units.