Praktica LTL 3

By: Marijn Rongen
August 6th, 2010

This Praktica LTL 3 was my father’s camera while he was in the navy. It has been all around the world and found itself, years later, in disuse on a shelf in the garage. Being the collector that I am, I quickly grabbed it for safe keeping.

Praktica LTL 3, Pentacon 1.8 50mm

Aside from the familiar history the Praktica LTL 3, like many older cameras, is a nice object in itself. The lenses, a Pentacon 1.8 50mm and a Carenar 2.8 135mm, are something to look at too.

Praktica LTL 3, 50mm & 135mm lenses

After cleaning of years of dust the camera and lenses show their age. The camera is in good condition. A sad part is the fact that both lenses seem to be broken. I might look into getting these fixed and using them on my new cameras using an adapter.

Praktica LTL 3, Carenar 2.8 135mm

The camera itself is in working order but without good lenses it is, for the time being, destined for desk duty.