OTACOOL3 entry

By: Marijn Rongen
May 4th, 2010

Workspace expanded

Yesterday I entered my workspace in the draw for OTACOOL3, a book to be published byKotobukiyaDanny Choo.

OTACOOL1 was about otaku rooms, which I missed out on. OTACOOL2 was all about cosplay, and I’m not into that myself. Now comes OTACOOL3, and it’s focus is on workplaces, and a workplace I have! There are even a few figures moving about sometimes so I thought what the heck, I’ll put it up there.

You can find my entry here, there’s even a rare self portrait at the end…


Manga Bags

By: Marijn Rongen
April 3rd, 2010

I’ve had a bit of a roof leak a while back, which got me thinking about ways to protect my growing collection of manga.

Manga Bag

These Manga Bags are a great way to protect your graphic novels. One set provides protection for a 100 of your precious manga.

Resealable cover

The covers are resealable, so you can use them again and again.

Perfect fit for graphic novel

As you can see they are a perfect fit for standard size graphic novels.

I’ve found mine at my usual manga supplier Archonia.com. Go directly to the manga bags by clicking here.


Char Aznable’s MS-06S Zaku II

By: Marijn Rongen
March 20th, 2010

Char Aznable's MS-06S Zaku II

I’ve bought this Master Grade kit a while ago with some other models, but only recently got around to finishing the model. These kits are in 1/100 scale and made by Bandai.

The model is a “ver 2.0” model of Char Aznable’s MS-06S Zaku II from the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise. These newer “ver 2.0” models have a lot more points of articulation and detail when compared to older versions.

Chars Zaku II unarmed

When building these models I only use a few Gundam Markers to detail the panel lines. The decals are a mix of dry-transfer decals and stickers.
The dry-transfer decals give a great result but are sometimes difficult to get in place.

Chars Zaku II with 280mm bazooka (side)

The kit comes with a 280 mm bazooka, among other weapons.
For those not familiar with Mobile Suit Gundam; Char is the star pilot of the Zeon, with the Zeon being the enemies from the protagonist’s point of view.

Chars Zaku II with 280mm bazooka (front)

On the business end of the bazooka.
A mobile suit like this one has a pilot, with the cockpit usually placed in the torso.

Chars Zaku II on Action Base (perspective)

I also bought an Action Base specific to Char Aznable’s Zaku II.
With the Action Base you can display the model as being “in flight”.

Chars Zaku II on Action Base (front)

Apart from the 280mm bazooka, the kit also comes with a 120mm machine-gun and a heat hawk (a thermal axe).

Chars Zaku II on Action Base (rear)

I have detailed the thrusters with a silver Gundam Marker, and I used black Gundam Marker to imitate the soot below the thrusters.

Close-up of the Action Base

A close-up of the Action Base, lot’s of decals. To accent the panel lines, I used a fine tip black Gundam Marker.

This Action Base is an ideal way to display the model. I’m definitely going to get them for my other models too.

Want one too? My usual source for these kits is Hobby Link Japan.