Stephen Fry In America

By: Marijn Rongen
July 24th, 2010

If you like a good travel book, are interested in America or is you enjoy Stephen Fry‘s writing then you should go out, buy and read his book “Stephen Fry In America”.The book allows you to follow Stephen, who was almost American himself, during his journey through all the states in the union for the BBC series of the same name. His mode of transportation? His London black cab of course!

Starting with lobsters in Maine, the journal first takes you on a zig-zag trek through the 48 contiguous states before flying over to Alaska and ending on the volcanoes of Hawaii. Along the way you meet numerous remarkable people, and typical American icons and landmarks like Ben & Jerry’s, real wise-guys, hippie occupied Missile silos, Monument Valley and San Francisco to name a few.Inside Apart from the amusing writings by Stephen there are some key facts about every state, like state capitol, state motto, state flowers and sometimes even the state beverage. Scattered throughout the book are numerous pictures of the people and landmarks visited.

I really enjoyed the book and I suspect it will not be left unread on any bookshelf it may occupy.