Aygo catching up: doorsills and exhaust

By: Marijn Rongen
August 11th, 2014

Before I got the MR2 I snazzed up my little Aygo with some nice doorsills and a flashy exhaust tip (+5hp yo!). I actually had these parts laying around for quite a while before installing them.

Aygo doorsill step 1: measuring

Installing the doorsills is as easy as it gets, they just stick on. First I cleaned the bare doorsills. To keep both sides symettrical I measured the distance and marked the start with some electrical tape.

Aygo doorsill step 2: stick it on

After that it was just a question of sticking the sills on, starting at the tape and keeping it straight. Looks much better!

Another easy optical upgrade is the chromed exhaust tip. It just bolts on, but you’ll want to keep it level, for looks.

Toyota Aygo exhaust without tipToyota Aygo exhaust with tip

A side effect of the exhaust tip is a weird little rumble in exhaust noise, I like it but some people may be put off by this.